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Agri Stretch Roll

Agri Stretch Roll- It is also referred as “Silage” Film, we also understand that farmers need all the help they can get when it comes to ensiling.

Using the latest extrusion technology, we can guarantee strength, puncture-resistance, elasticity and UV stability, along with excellent cling. Suitable for use on all bale wrapping machinery, our agricultural stretch film works for both round and square bales and easy wrapping is a given.

Customization: possible on request


Grade Name Agri Stretch
Suitable Application Single Wrap
Typical Uses Agriculture
Thickness 30 - 50
Width(mm) 750 - 1000
Guaranteed Pre-Stretch 1000
Maximum Pre-Stretch 150
Cling Layer 2
Colours G,W & BK
Agri Stretch Roll
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