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Bubble Film & Pouches

Plain Bubble Film

Bubble Bags & Rolls are flexible & transparent plastic sheet containing numerous small air pockets These sheets offer cushioning & scratch protection far superior than to packaging paper and are used to protect items during shipping & storage. Bubble wrap is lightweight, water resistant, reusable non-scratching &is used for packaging fragile items.It can alsobe used to cushion medium to heavy weight products in various industries.

  • Automobile spare parts
  • Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • E-commerce
  • FMCG
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse
  • Computers
  • Electrical/lights
  • Furniture
  • Food & Beverages
Bubbles Rolls:Plain / AS / VCI / UVI / ESD & Coloured
Plain Bubble Film
Thickness:GSM 35-250
Width in MM 250-1500
Length in Meters 25-200
Bubble Diameter in MM: 10 X 4 / 6 X 2/ 25 X 10
Layers: 2/3/5
Colours: As per ASTM standard/Customized
Custom Laminated / Slitted Bubble Rolls & sheets
Thickness:GSM 50-250
Width in MM 250-1500
Length in Meters 25-200
Available Variants AS/VCI/ESD/UVI
Laminate Substrate Bubble Films PP/HD Fabric PE/XPE Foam & printed PE Films
Colours: As per ASTM standard/Customized
Plain Bubble Film
2 Side Sealed Bubble Pouchus
Plain Bubble Film
Thickness:GSM 45/50-90
Width in MM 100-1000
Length in Meters 150-750
Bubble Diameter in MM: 10 X 4 / 6 X 2
Option On Bags Flap with Reusable /Tamper Proof Tapes.Printing
Available Variants AS/VCI/ESD/UVI/Laminated
3D / 3 Side Sealed Bubble Pouches(Manually Made)
Thickness:GSM 45/50-120
Width in MM Custom Made
Length in Meters Custom Made
Bubble Diameter in MM: 10 X 4 / 6 X 2
Layers: 2/3
Options On Bags With /ithout Flaps Printing With Logo /Matter
Available Variants AS / VCI/ESD/UVI Laminated
Plain Bubble Film;
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