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Power -300 Stretch Roll

It is a High Pre-Stretch Machine Wrap Film available in 23 & 29 Microns, designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine only as It provides many advantages over Machine Wrap including. Stretch effect of up to 300% with distortion of loads having protrusions less than 3 inches, excellent strength, puncture resistance faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, more secure loads

Power -300 is made of Premium Quality Granules resulting in down gauging the film up to 23 microns and by using a Pre-stretch disposing Turn table machine at your end, further Down-Gauging can be achieved up to 8 Microns without comprising on the quality, which leads to huge savings and efficient & more secure loads.

Customization: possible on request


Grade Name Power-300 Stretch
Suitable Application High Pre Stretch
Typical Uses Ceramic, Tiles, wood
Thickness 23
Width(mm) 500
Guaranteed Pre-Stretch 200
Maximum Pre-Stretch 270
Cling Layer 1
Colours Clear
Power -200 Stretch Roll
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