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Stretch EX LITE

is a Premium brand thinner & Stronger Manual application Stretch Film, where the films are already stretched up to required Microns & supplied, so that the customer need to use minimum labour force to wrap a product & ultimately helps in cost saving by making optimum use of the supplied films.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and undergone stringent quality control, this environmentally-friendly film has unparallel puncture and tear resistance strength to secure heavy and hard-to-hold loads. It is the packaging solution of international standards.

Yet leaves less carbon footprint compared to ordinary stretch films.


Grade Name LITE Stretch
Suitable Application Manual use with Pre Stretch
Typical Uses Standard Packaging with Light Products
Thickness 12,17
Width(mm) 250, 500
Guaranteed Pre-Stretch 50
Maximum Pre-Stretch 80
Cling Layer 1
Colours Clear
Stretch EX LITE roll
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