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Has a variety of protective air cushion designs for all types of packaging. Our Vision is for you to have exactly what you need, when you want it, using our machines to create the perfect air cushions onsite to address the everyday needs of retail and industrial packaging requirements we have developed a number of designs.







Technical Features

    Cushon Pak are produced on DEMAND at site / Light Weight void filling material / Perforated for easy separation & packing / Soft, transparent film allows product to be seen while secured / Environmentally Friendly: re-usable, recyclable, 98% air / Professional product presentation / Very limited Storage Space needed / Easy to dispose of (simply cut the Cushon Pak, to leave 2% material) / Increase Productivity / Cost Efficient



CushonPak Vs Bubble Film


Unique Strength


Faster Packing

Fields of Applications

    Automotive spare parts / E-commerce / Computers / Electronics / All kinds of spare parts / Communication / Cosmetics / Lamps / lights / Logistics / Machines / Furniture / Motorcycle spare parts / Pharmaceuticals / Software / Entertainment electronics / Mail order
Cushion Pack Film has been designed to allow you to produce your own Void Fill Cushions on site, when you need it for packaging. You no longer have to source and store bulky protective packaging products and what could be more environmentally friendly than “Cushon Pak” to ensure the secure transportation of your goods.
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